Seaweeds and human nutrition

Edible marine algae: Nearly all seaweeds are edible. Kelp and konbu—not at all tough. Giant kelp. Laver—the delicate red alga. Nori—a sought-after Porphyra product. Wakame—neither too tough nor too delicate. Winged kelp—almost as good as wakame. Bladder wrack—abundant everywhere. Sea palm—a rare delicacy. Arame—totally mild and sweet. Hijiki—a bit special and a little poisonous. Dulse—the robust red alga. Edible green algae. Agar—completely without taste. Spirulina—edible blue-green microalgae that pack a punch.

The taste of seaweeds: Taste and texture. Seaweeds and umami. Smoke and sulphur.

Seaweeds as saltIf you have no salt, you have nothing. Seaweed ash salt and smoked salt.

Seaweeds, wellness, and nutrition. Folk traditions and the health movement. What have we already learned?  Seaweeds and calories. Iodine and metabolism. Seaweeds and cancer. Are there potentially hazardous compounds in seaweeds? How much seaweed should one eat?

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Farming of seaweeds on  Zanzibar (Photo: Marie Frost)