Seaweeds are marine algae

What are seaweeds and marine algae and where do we find them: At the interface between land and sea. Seaweeds of all sizes, growing under all conditions. Seaweeds come in many colors.

Seaweeds throughout the ages: Seaweeds and human evolution. Seaweeds in a historical perspective. Seaweeds in Europe. Seaweeds in the Nordic countries.

The biology of algae: Microalgae and macroalgae.  The structure of macroalgae. The life history and reproductive patterns of macroalgae. Photosynthesis and seaweed growth. Robust marine survivors. Seaweeds as ecological dynamos.

Seaweeds in the wild and in aquaculture. Edible seaweeds and poisonous algae. Marine algae in integrated aquaculture. The domestication of marine species. Seaweed cultivation in the Western world. Seaweed cultivation in Asia. Nori—an aquaculture success story.

The chemical composition of seaweeds. A symphony of good things. Carbohydrate extracts—alginate, carrageenan, and agar. Fat content—less is more. Iodine—a key element. Gases and the smell of seaweeds and the sea.

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The large brown algae, wakame, which is good in soups and salads (Photo: Yann Fontana)