Seaweeds in the kitchen

Seaweeds in the home kitchen: Seaweeds are eaten all over the world. Seaweed recipes. Storage of seaweeds.

Seaweeds as seasoningsSeaweeds in the spice rack. Furikake—a Japanese condiment with seaweeds. Seasoning with seaweeds.

Seaweeds in soups: Japanese soups and dashi. Clear soups—suimono. Miso soup. St. Patrick’s cabbage soup. Nereo soup. Dillisk soup—a simple soup with dulse. Jerusalem artichoke soup with seaweeds and smoked sea salt. Green pea soup with scallops and seaweeds. Konbu consommé with shiitake. 

Seaweeds in salads and sauces: Kaiso-salad. Salad dressing with miso and sea lettuce. Purslane salad with seaweeds. Marinated winged kelp. Cucumber salad with seaweeds. Wakame salad with tofu. Simmered hijiki. Quinoa salad with dulse. Salads and sauces with sea spaghetti. Seaweeds in dressings. Guacamole with dried seaweeds. Avocado salad with bladder wrack.

Seaweeds in omelettes and in fish and vegetable dishes: Omelette with three types of seaweeds. Oven-baked salmon with dulse. Tuna and seaweed salad. Carpaccio with bladder wrack. Seafood salad—now with seaweeds, too. Cavi-art. Mashed potato with dulse. Laverbread—a traditional Welsh dish. Green beans with kelp. Green asparagus with seaweeds. Steamed zucchini with seaweeds. Green lentils with wakame.

Seaweeds and sushi: Onigiri—seaweeds on the go. Rolled sushi with nori: maki-zushi. Hand-rolled sushi with nori: temaki-zushi. Battleship sushi with nori: gunkan-zushi. Chirashi-zushi with strips of nori. Omelette with nori.

Seaweeds in bread, pasta, and savory tarts: Rye bread with seaweeds. Buns and crispbread with seaweeds. Quiche with seaweeds. Seaweed pesto on bread and crackers. Pizza with seaweeds.

Seaweeds and cheese

Seaweeds in desserts and cakes: Seaweeds with fresh fruit. Seaweeds as gelling agents in desserts. Blancmange—a very basic pudding. Pudding with carrageen. Yōkan—Japanese dessert jelly. Lemon cake with sea lettuce. Ice cream with simmered kelp.

Seaweeds in drinks: Seaweed tea. Seaweeds in wine, beer, and spirits. Spirulina smoothie. Seaweed wellness drinks.

Seaweeds in snacksSnacks. Chips. Rice cakes with nori. Seaweeds and chocolate. Herring roe on kelp.

Seaweeds in gastronomySeaweed innovations and haute cuisine. New raw materials open new gastronomic pathways. Fun and games in the kitchen —when ‘play’ becomes more serious. Taking home cooking to new levels. Veal tartare with Harry’s crème and dulse. Fresh shrimp with pickled sea lettuce and beach herbs. Ice cream with dulse. White onion and cod in green pepper and kelp broth. Vegetable ‘avocado foie’ with dulse and coriander juice.

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Smoked cheese wrapped in seaweeds, served with seaweed salad and seaweed buns (Photo: Evan Frederiksen)