Book reviews


“Seaweeds is an intriguing book because it is a unique take on seaweeds and its uses, and it is as informative as it is genuinely entertaining”
David Castle, in Food. Sec. 6, 441-442, 2014.

“There is much to enjoy in Ole G. Mouritsen’s beautifully illustrated book Seaweeds.” Read the review
Seaweeds Served à la Carte by Juliet Brodie, in BioScience, Advance Access, January 15, 2014.

Top 10 science books of 2013. Gonebookserk (Elena Emilia Barbulescu).

Seaweeds is an excellent book, deserving the serious attention of marine resource managers—and, certainly also, that of the more adventurous seaside cook.”
Richard Shelton, in Times Literary Supplement, December 13, 2013, p. 22.

Seaweeds is a visual feast. … unique in its presentation and orientation, equally at home on the coffee table and in the office. … I strongly endorse this tome.” Read the review
Louis Druehl, in Journal of Phycology 49, 1229 (2013).

“This is a fascinating book, filled with illustrations of algae and examples of seaweed cuisine.” –  ”This book will open your eyes to another world, where seaweed is valued and even cherished.” Read the review
Adele Kleine, Chicago Botanic Garden

“Mouritsen even includes recipes: from seaweed pesto and dulse ice cream to kelp broth, a sea garden of delights.” Books in Brief
Barbara Kiser, Nature, July 25, 2013.

“…a scientific, cultural, and gastronomic study, with recipes and gorgeous images.” – “Mouritsen writes in such an accessible manner about the science and nutritional value of seaweeds. Yet he is at his best in the occasional first-person essays about his visits to remote places where seaweeds are harvested.” Read the review
Jan Gardner, The Boston Globe, July 20, 2013

“This is a beautifully illustrated hard back book where Mouritsen takes us on a fascinating tour of seaweeds.” –  ”The book is peppered with stunning illustrations from previously unseen archives in the Natural History Museum.” Read the review
Mara Seaweeds, July 19, 2013.

“…beautifully illustrated guide for the non-specialist to the immense nutritional, medicinal, industrial and environmental properties of seaweed…” -”…an intriguing section of easy recipes.” Read the review
Honor Clerk, The Spectator, July 14, 2013.

“Seaweeds is not quite an academic book, not quite a field guide, and not quite a cookbook — it’s the best of all worlds” – “Mouritsen’s Seaweeds is my new companion this summer, a perfect guide for those of us who love cooking, nature, and science.” Read the review
Emily Ho, theKitchn, May 7, 2013.

“…a tasteful hybrid of natural history, culture, commerce and cuisine.” Read the review
Bill Cannon, Scientists’ Bookshelf, April 2, 2013

“A well-written presentation for the general reader of an underused resource, this volume fills a niche among seaweed cookbooks such as J. Gusman’s Vegetables from the Sea, specialized scientific treatises (C. Wiencke’s Seaweed Biology), and field guides to the seaweed of specific locales.”  Read the review
Judith B. Barnett, Library Journal, February 15, 2013.


Advance praise

“Ole G. Mouritsen has done it again!  Seaweeds parallels his Sushi in excellence of presentation.  The depth of his historic, biologic, economic, and culinary notes, including nutritional facts, is stunning.  The layout and illustrations are a visual feast.  What a fine exploration of marine meadow, forest, and garden plants.  Having read Seaweeds, you will be compelled to further explore this unique and diverse group of plants. Personally, I’ll be following his recipes.”
Louis D. Druehl, author of Pacific Seaweeds

“Ole G. Mouritsen’s Seaweeds is a wonderfully wide-ranging, beautifully illustrated introduction to these strange, underappreciated, delicious forms of life.”
Harold McGee, author of On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

Seaweeds is by far the most comprehensive, informative and creative offering on macroalgae I have ever seen. And to this wealth of information, Ole G. Mouritsen has added many personal anecdotes, unusual recipes, and beautiful pictures. Anyone with simple curiosity or extensive knowledge about marine algae will enjoy this extraordinary book.”
Shep Erhart, author of Sea Vegetable Celebration and founder of Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

“A great exploration of the wonderful world of seaweeds and, more importantly, their potential for adding deliciousness to any meal.”
René Redzepi, author of Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine and founder and head chef at award-winning restaurant Noma

“A rare phycological masterpiece. Seaweeds is must read for anyone studying, eating, or just interested in this fascinating group of photosynthetic marine organisms. The book will be a reference for a number of years to come.”
Alan T. Critchley, coeditor of World Seaweed Resources