Seaweed Symposium 2010



 Human Consumption, Bioactive Compounds,

and Combating of Diseases

An international interdisciplinary symposium

Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen

August 26-27, 2010


Ole G. Mouritsen

(MEMPHYS, University of Southern Denmark)


Kelp farming in British Columbia: technology, ecophysiology, and genetics

Louis Druehl

(Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre & Canadian Kelp Resources, Canada)


Production of kelp in Japan: various natural resources and established aquaculture technique

Norishige Yotsukura

(Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Hokkaido University, Japan)


Algal genomics may offer new insights into seaweed uses

Philippe Potin

(Station Biologique de Roscoff, France)


Potential for farming edible seaweeds in Denmark, Faroe Islands, and Greenland

Susse Wegeberg

(National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark)


Cultivation of Chondrus crispus in Denmark – production potential, quality and food Annette Bruhn

(Marine Ecology, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark)


Sustainably harvesting, processing, and marketing wild seaweeds for healthy eating

Shep Erhart

(Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, USA)


Functional food ingredients in seaweeds, claims and legislation

Stefan Kraan

Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd, Galway, Ireland


Practical everyday use of seaweed for maximum health gain

Prannie Rhatigan

The Irish Seaweed Kitchen, Co Sligo, Ireland


Seaweed research and production in Denmark

Susan L. Holdt

Department of Environmental Engineering, DTU, Denmark


Seaweeds – curse or blessing?

Carsten Christophersen

Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Overview of clinical and epidemiological studies that include dietary seaweed

Jane Teas

(University of South Carolina, USA)